Scott Hamilton (13 Things I Do Not Write About #5)

Scott Hamilton



The man on the blades,

  a figure


gliding against ice with sequinsed outfits

and 80s fluffy brown tufts of hair.

Back flipping heydays,

                  chipping the white surface,

                           beads of sweat,

puffing and heaving,

                   Through tights, glitter and miscellaneous material

                       of those eccentric capade ensembles.


A concerto astride a triple axel,

                                             the crowd holding their breath,

                                            the intensity of that split second

                        resulting in elegance,

                        or the dreaded ass plunging impact

                        Determining numeric echoes.


I decided to write about Scott Hamilton because I’ve never given him much thought since childhood, when my brother and I would watch his commentatorship of figure skating competitions.  We were both jocks, and kind of scoffed at figure skating, although we kept watching for hours at a time.  What I tried to work with in this poem is using the space of the page that reflects the elegant movement of ice skating.  Even though it’s a very rough first draft, I’m satisified with breaking out of my comfort zone and really thinking about the different elements of presenting poems on the page through format.

2 thoughts on “Scott Hamilton (13 Things I Do Not Write About #5)

  1. Trying different ways to present the poem on the page–did reading Danez Smith’s work influence you in this manner? You offered good critical analysis of his spacing and lineation.

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  2. Hey thanks! Studying Smith really inserted some more vision into my mind’s eye of how to lay a poem out on page. I’m in love with how unbelievably powerful his voice is on stage, and how much he works with different form techniques on page to translate his oral poetry.

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