Taxidermy (13 Things I don’t write about #3)



Taxidermy, wormy,

Germs spreading, incredibly

Dead, but not ready to be


Taxis= to move

Derma= the dermis

—> Arrangement of the skin,

Way back when,

Egyptian mummies had

Embalmed animals to rest

at their side,

Tutankhamun’s best friend,

The bird, or scorpion,

Trophies of hunters, fisherman,

or bereaved owners, dragging carcasses

from Nature to make a

Tacky or artistic display,

Mourners, murderers, bystanders

of these non-human stiffs,

Goals of attaining life-like

Poses, furry or shiny-shelled


Exhibitions of decomposition, fathered

by John Hancock (different Hancock,

hands more busy with sewing than


My earliest memory of the concept

Roots to Mike Clark,

My babysitter’s often drunk,

Loud and proud hunter/husband,

The middle room, dark, with

a pool table, Barbie houses,

Smell of stale diapers and

Squeeze-its and macaroni and

Cheese gone astray on the carpet,

Lined on the walls,

Deer heads.

Always wondering if they had

Some life in them yet, especially

when left alone in that

Ominous as redneck Hell of a room it was…

19th century London Anthropomorphic crafting,

Sort of a dead theatre museum

Showcasing squirrels and cats

and rabbits and the like

Acting out human activities,

Tea parties, police skirmishes,

Studying in school…

Seem to have a spectrum of

Will to cope or glorify,

in such a way that

Yeah, we’re a product of

our environment,

Mirrors of fucked up shit,

Between the manure that is

Death, and fertilizing

it into this reaction,

Impulse, art, therapy,

by way of having a

Moose creepily forever

Stare at you.


I did a bit of research for this poem.  My over-arching intent for my 13 things list, is to learn more about subjects without any sort of emotional agenda.  And then once I fill my head with new information, to write and then see where it connects to my memories and associations of the subject.  I’m not exactly happy with this poem, it’s a challenge for me to smoothly work in the little factoids without it being dropped into the poem out of place.  I’m also working on balancing dry humor and emotional depth in my poems in a way that isn’t too teeter-tottery.

2 thoughts on “Taxidermy (13 Things I don’t write about #3)

  1. The poem begins to really pulse here: “My babysitter’s often drunk.” It encapsulates and shows all that came before it. Sometimes you do not need to put all your research in the poem–the research can serve as backstory or as a framework or as a way to construct your metaphors/figurative language.

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    1. Thanks so much for this feedback- this advice pinpoints exactly what I was curious about regarding what to do with incorporating the research. I’ll tone down on these research factoids, and sprinkle them in when more subtly fitting. Thanks again 😀


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