Monetary Economics (13 Thing I Do Not Write About #2)

First Draft Monetary Economics (9/12)


Economics, Keynesian Theory,

Aggregate Demand…

Is it boring?

Or am I being lazy?

Yes, lazy.  Especially when it comes

Down to the matter of

a thing that does

Indeed make the

World go round…

I give you a goat, you give me

a basket of apples,

Some dude finds

Gold and Silver,

And Western Europe

Goes wild,

Gilded, spilling

into the wheel of inflation,

Goods and services,

Spiraling and rising markets,

Stocks, Dow Jones,

Atoned, groaning in the

Midst of Enron,

Pawning off bronze

Making a profit off

Bull shit… Getting caught,

Stimulating those little particles

Of complex thoughts

shouting through

Capitalism, Socialism, Marxism,

Communism, their waves

in a current pushing against

the Proletariat’s grimace,

Rendering me to lethargy,

Finding more value in a

Fart joke, than in a quarter…

Well, if that fart jokes goes

a little too far, then

Maybe a quarter

Inflates its worth via

Flatulence for a load

of laundry.

Come on, D,

Get serious.

Remember John Taylor,

Your European Studies

Professor.  He broke all

this shit down for you,

You made an A for God’s sake,

Hold on to knowledge…

Okay, money,

outside of pop culture

exploding in my head,

Liza Minnelli, Pink Floyd,

Monopoly, “Diamonds

are a girl’s best friend”,

Yeah, Mare?  How ’bout

if you’re flat footed and chested,

Heels and cleavage aren’t in the cards,

Gotta get that green

with my mind and my personality,

What’s worth spending money on?

The concept reflects status, survival,

Control.  I’m gettin’ and givin’ paper

Sweatin’ drinkin’ and

Always wishin’ I was winnin’,

Bettin’ on the ponies,

The net value of you and me,

Racin’ like Sea Biscuit

with our direct deposits

at the mercy of some

Company I trust won’t

Flush my funds… shoulda

Read that New Hire Packet more closely…

Oh Willy Loman,

Taxes will be the death of us,

And leukemia, or a car crash,

But work, vacation,

Walking on the street

There are these numbers,

Images, objects, credit

cards, following surrounding

the aisles and roads we travel.

Get money get paid

Make it rain,

Dollars are power,

Can’t ignore those

with the most of it.

Mints churning

Washingtons, Lincolns,

Hamiltons, Franklins,

That swirl into this

Market which comprises of every friggin’

Place you go, be it work or pleasure,

Like a constant depressing, even more

Complicated game of Quidditch,

Watching Orbit gum go up seven cents,

Blurring through a decade where

pimply teens think three bucks

a gallon is normal,

Turn and turn, caught in the cross hairs,

Always stressed

to be a part of

This greed

and need.


So I have the tendency to let poems, and words/ideas, run away from me.  The strategy in writing a poem on Monetary Economics was to force me to research a subject I know little about that is also super important to the rest of the world.  I write about money a lot- it vexes the hell out of everyone.  But I only write about it from a philosophical, whiny sort of voice- which I am guilty of doing in this poem, probably about halfway through.  But it’s the first draft!  I want to have an opinion on something that’s affecting me not just within the knee-jerk analysis of “Man, I have to pay a $50 co-pay????”  I have always been intimidated by the complexities of economics, and really anything in the maths and sciences.  These are frameworks that are part of a larger language, part of everyone’s life, and I need to do a better job of educating myself on the history and current developments of economics.  I want to know how the Federal Reserve works, and to be able to explain the Brexit, The Great Depression and Recession in the 2000s, and to read a book by Milton Friedman, and etc. to get a better sense of why and how money plays its role in placing us where we are.

2 thoughts on “Monetary Economics (13 Thing I Do Not Write About #2)

  1. Thank you so much! Makin’ me blush! And thanks for the link to Pound’s essay- aside from his fascist sympathies, I like his quote “What are you going to use to to measure the value of anything? An egg is an egg.” Which echoes contemporary Gertrude’s “Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.” I love this mindset, to kind of snap out of complicated systems of value. But moreso on a personal level… I can’t do Whole Foods, I’m pondering this topic of a nonGMO, organic craze that people are pretty passionate about, and I get it, but still I just can’t seem to care too much about when there are starving single mothers who would give anything for that GMO, inorganic food… Less personally, I also would like to have a better handle on the different economic systems by reading more on philosophical/governmental theories- that are not my favorite literature, but can tie back into sharpening my personal, local relationship with how I should value stuff, especially keeping aware of how government/socioeconomics are affecting my neighbors


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